Thursday, February 11, 2010

A New (Old) Blogger on the Block

Here for the first time in the Blogosphere is writing from Sandy Oliver, American Food Historian, with good stuff from my ongoing Editor's Notebook on the Food History News website, plus and minus other material.

Food History News? Editor's Notebook? You may well ask. Food History News was a printed quarterly newsletter begun June 1989 and ended peacefully in January 2010 after 80--count 'em--issues chock full of all kinds of American food history information.

It has a website with what, when it began, was a primitive sort of blog, called Editor's Notebook, started nigh on ten years ago. You can still go to and click on Editor's Notebook where you can read what I have posted since sometime last fall.

Since my website is dedicated to news from the world of food history and a portal to sources, I will let this space become a platform for food history musings, opinion, and commentary. This blog will introduce you to me and my work as a food historian which is now sneaking up on its 40th year. (Yes, I started young, and am not ready to retire just yet.)

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  1. i still remember eating staff lunches at the food ever! and probably all your fault, sandy...